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“The great luxury of the twenty-first century is talent. We recruit and select talent for our clients in the fashion, luxury goods, and retail sectors, to make them even more competitive”

Julio Collado – CEO Luxe Talent

1 We are committed to your professional development.
2We offer only selected qualified positions.
3 We keep you informed throughout the selection process.

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Success stories

The commitment, effort and professional ethics of Luxe Talent are geared for both our clients and our candidates..

Salvador Gutierrez
Store Manager at Zadig & Voltaire
“With Luxe Talent I have been able to access several selection processes after an exhaustive analysis of my retail profile. They are highly qualified professionals when it comes to an ideal candidate search. At present I am working as a Store Manager at Zadig & Voltaire, thanks to Luxe Talent.”
Miriam Esparza
Country Manager Spain & Portugal ZADIG & VOLTAIRE
Luxe Talent, is a company that would define under three parameters: * Professionalism and Specialization Retail 100% * Absolute Adaptability and Commitment to the needs of the customer * Rigor and "Delicious" Active listening"
Ingrid Lecha
Store Manager Dior Barcelona
"I just finished a successful process Luxe Talent. It was the first time I worked with a consultant and I must say that in this case the experience has been very positive. I've heard of evolution continuously and always received feedback on how it was in the process. the staff was attentive, efficient and professional at all times and I felt very accompanied and supported. Thank you. "


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    Objetivo del curso: El objetivo del workshop de e-Commerce & Fashion Industry, es dar a conocer el impacto del comercio digital en la moda y el lujo. Conocer el crecimiento que ha supuesto en los últimos años este canal, detallar el perfil del comprador on line y explicar cómo se han adaptado las grandes firmas