Luxe Talent is a recruitment, selection, head-hunting, and training consultancy made up of specialists in the fashion, luxury items, and retail industries.
We assume a commitment with each of our clients based on the quality of the profiles selected to meet the recruitment needs of the company. We adapt to the company’s needs and we work in full awareness of the speed of change and competitiveness of the fashion, luxury items, and retail sectors. And of course we are diligent in applying ethical standards to the processes that we carry out.

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We work toward excellence in the most important commercial cities of the country, which carries with it a commitment to our clients of efficiency and effectiveness. We are working throughout Europe with more than 1000 processes per year and with more than 300 companies. As a result we are in the know about the particularities of each city while maintaining a broad database of candidates who have international experience and geographic mobility.

Our talent search process is based on a combination of the use of our own broad database and head-hunting or direct searching in order to find the most qualified active professionals.

Once we have identified the best talent, we select those profiles that are best suited by means of competence-based interviews in relation to the vacancy in question, and an analysis of the confirmed references of the candidates to guarantee that they are 100% reliable for inclusion in the company.

We also offer a guarantee period of up to six months for our selection processes against any unanticipated events once the candidates have joined the company.

We offer three different selection services to companies


Executive Search

This is a head-hunting search for senior executive profiles with high levels of responsibility and more than five years’ experience. We have ample experience in the search for general directors, commercial directors, country managers, retail managers, wholesale directors, marketing directors, human resources directors, operations managers, sales directors, design and production directors, and visual merchandising directors. These are executive profiles with salaries ranging upwards from €50,000 gross, plus commissions and complementary benefits.

Manager Search

This is a selection profile with responsibility in managing a business or teams, and with 3 to 5 years’ experience in the sector. We have ample experience in the search for store managers, assistant store managers, stock managers, area managers, wholesale agents, showroom agents, visual merchandisers, designers, buyers, marketing managers, E-commerce managers, and digital marketing managers. These are profiles with salaries ranging from €25,000 to €45,000 gross, plus commissions.

Basic Search

This is a recruitment and selection service for professional profiles that include from 1 to 3 years’ experience in the sector. We have ample experience in the search for sales assistants, cashiers, visual clerks, stock clerks, supervisors, floor managers, controllers, administrative assistants, commercial agents, and customer service representatives. These are profiles with salaries ranging from €15,000 to €25,000 gross, plus commissions.

In addition, we offer other consulting services to companies


Assessment Center

This is a mass recruitment service carried out with group and individual testing for the selection of large groups or for discovery of internal talent for promotion or professional development within the company.

Sector Salary Study

Thorough knowledge of the salary ranges in the market and of the competition in the various market sectors is crucial when it comes to keeping talent and offering professionals the right salaries, commissions and benefits. With the more than 1,000 selection processes we have carried out and our experience of working with more than 300 companies, we are able to maintain up-to-date information on salaries, the working of incentives both for individuals and for groups, and the complements, both monetary on non-monetary, that are in use in the fashion, luxury items, and retail sectors.